In the following, we have summarized a number of frequently asked questions about the m4 Award. In any case, we recommend a personal consultation with BioM before submitting your documents.

What is the objective of the funding programme?
The m4 Award supports research projects that have a clear spin-off potential. Applicants should have a basic willingness to found a company.

May the amount of funding exceed 500,000 Euros?
No, the maximum amount of funding over a period of up to two years is 500,000 Euros.

How many projects will be funded?
Up to 5 projects will be funded in each call for proposals.

Does a patent / intellectual property (IP) right have to exist?
A patent is not ot mandatory, but an IP strategy must be presented, because property rights / patents or proprietary know-how are usually a necessary condition for commercialisation in the high-tech sector. In any case, it is recommended to contact the responsible technology transfer office.

Is it possible to found a company during the funding phase and attract investors?
In principle, it is possible to set up a company during the funding phase. How In case of a spin-off formation, it will be evaluated for the respective case, how the funding can be continued for the remaining funding period.

Is a combination with other grants possible (e.g. EXIST Transfer of Research)?
In many cases, biomedical spin-off projects will require a larger amount of funding than the m4 Award is able to provide. Therefore,  it is possible to attain funding for the overall spin-off project from  more than one suitable funding source. However, no double funding of individual work packages is possible.

Do all team members have to work 100% in the funded project?
No, also a proportionate funding is possible. However, the personnel should be appropriate for the scope of the project.

In which language do the applications have to be written?
At the first stage, the 5-page short descriptions may be submitted in German or English. If the second selection level is reached, the 12-page sketches have to be submitted in German.

Can persons, universities, colleges etc. outside of Bavaria also be funded?
No, but it is possible to use a part of the funding for subcontracting, as long as it does not exceed 50 % of the overall funding.